Among the services we provide to an owner, owner family, board of directors, or creditors committee:

• Review periodically the business, operations, financial condition and prospects of the business and its subsidiaries.
• Review the strategic direction and plans of the business and its subsidiaries.
• Review, evaluate and update the annual business plan and budget of the business and its subsidiaries.
• Review and evaluate the sales, profitability and working capital and other financing requirements of the business and its subsidiaries.
• Assist the business and its subsidiaries in the identification, planning, structuring and negotiation of each potential sale, acquisition or corporate partnership transaction by the business.
• Assist the business and its subsidiaries in seeking out and negotiating with potential financing sources, including the public markets, in connection with acquisitions, expansion, partner buyouts, IPOs, and refinancings.
• Assist the business in seeking out vital world class resources in the fields of law (including most specialties), accounting, banking and finance, investments, sales and marketing, insurance and consulting.

Exit Planning

We help our clients Exit On Their Own Terms and Timetable™. We provide a suite of services which includes:

• Clarify and establish client goals and timetable
• Pre-sale business valuation and assessment of salability
• Generation of target value scenarios and growth plans
• Development of succession and contingency plans
• Address family member and business partner conflicts and agendas
• Help assemble and coordinate Exit Team of professionals for business and owners, including business and estate planning attorneys, CPA, financial planner, investment manager, banker and others, as needed.

Financial Restructuring's

We assist shareholders, debtors and creditor committees of distressed companies, and companies operating under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, through a suite of services, including divestiture of assets or businesses, recapitalizations, debt exchanges, exit financing and valuation.