We help our clients develop and implement strategies for exit and growth. We identify and contact qualified targets, then facilitate all aspects of the transaction, including negotiation, structure, due diligence and financing.

Sell Side Representation

We prepare and market companies for sale, draw on our global database of strategic and financial buyers, and then facilitate the sale process through closing. We maximize the after tax sale proceeds, while helping our clients Exit On Their Own Terms and Timetable™.

Partner Buyouts & Succession Planning

We help family, corporate and other conflicted ownership groups to restructure, transition or smoothly sever their relationships. We facilitate the entire buyout process. Our services include: high-level strategic planning for the owners and the business; valuation of the enterprise and respective owner interests; develop exit strategy, pricing and structure of transaction for departing owners; arrange buyout financing; and coordinate the transaction process and professionals through completion.

Corporate Partnering

By Turning Parts Into Partners™, we help our clients efficiently access capital, technology, products and services, distribution channels and management. We level the playing field for our clients in negotiating and structuring successful transactions with major domestic and global companies, while our clients keep their focus and attention on the operation of their business.